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Explore Dance Program

Ages 5-6 and 7-8

All of the classes in our Explore Dance Program utilize the "Once Upon a Ballet" curicculium.

Once Upon a Ballet is a unique, child-centered approach to teaching dance that is based strongly in child development research.

We meet our students in their world, a world filled with stories, magic and make believe.

Small class sizes and individualized attention mean your child gets personalized learning that meets them where they are.
Cumulative curicculium keeps them learning in a manner that is age appropriate and developmentally sound.

A joyful studio atmosphere that fosters friendships in students and their families alike. Special classes, events and performances ensure there is always something exciting  just around the corner!
Every dancer matters at CQSA! They all deserve their chance to shine and we make sure they receive just that.
We aren't training cookie cutter dancers,
We celebrate each child's 


Explore Combo Classes

Purple Ages 5-6


Teal Ages 7-8


A great way to get a taste of multiple disciplines of dance in one class!


Ballet/Tap Combo Classes 

Classes are one hour long  and meet once a week. The class will consist of 30 mins of ballet training and 30 minutes of tap training weekly.

Students will wear a light blue leotard (with or without a skirt) and pink tights with pink leather ballet shoes and black patent leather student tie taps. Hair should be up and away from the face.


Hip Hop/Tumbling Combo Classes 

Classes are one hour and long and meet once a week.

High energy, family friendly hip hop moves for 30 minutes followed by 30 minutes of basic floor tumbling skills means fun for all!


Hip Hop/Tumbling classes will wear black leggings and a studio t shirt with clean, dedicated sneakers for hip hop, that are not worn outside the studio. Tumbling will be done barefoot.Hair should be up and away from the face.

Pom Pom Jazz and Tumble Combo 

Classes are one hour long and meet once a week. 

30 mins of super fun, highly energetic "dance team" style jazz dance (with poms of course) combined with 30 mins of basic floor tumbling, and cheer stunts will have your dancer cheering Hurray!


Students will wear a leotard of choice with skin toned, footless tights and black hip hop sneakers. Hair should be up and away from the face.


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